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Our company culture emphasizes collaboration, innovation, inclusivity, and diversity. Team members are encouraged to be proactive, take ownership, and think creatively. Work-life balance is a priority and flexible work arrangements and professional development opportunities are offered. The culture is based on mutual respect, support, and commitment to excellence.

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Byron Lamb

General Manager

LetMeRepair South Africa

Byron's career with LetMeRepair began in December 2007 as a porter in the Johannesburg branch. He quickly moved to an Escalations line and gained a comprehensive understanding of the company and its clients. Over the years, he progressed through various positions, including Escalations Supervisor, Key Accounts Manager, Customer Service Supervisor, interim Parts Manager, Customer Service Manager, Regional Manager, and Country Manager for LetMeRepair South Africa. In March 2023, he got promoted to the position of General Manager, which involves acquiring new business.

"Throughout my career, I experienced growth, support, and leadership within the company. I appreciate the challenges and excitement of working at LetMeRepair. I see it as a valuable opportunity that has provided stability and allowed me to build a future." – Byron

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Our Corporate Values

We value honesty, integrity, respect, inclusivity, diversity and fairness in all of our business practices. These values are integral to the way we conduct ourselves and make decisions. We believe that honesty and integrity are essential in building trust with our employees, customers and partners. We are committed to creating a workplace that is respectful of all individuals, and we strive to be inclusive and welcoming to people of all backgrounds. We are committed to diversity and fairness in all aspects of our business and we believe that a diverse workforce allows us to better serve our customers and drives innovation and creativity.


At LetMeRepair, honesty is valued above all else in employees and is considered crucial for trust and company success. Transparency in communication is also emphasized.


Integrity is a priority in staff and hiring. Honesty and respect create a supportive, trust-filled work environment for employee success and a culture of trust and excellence.


Respect among staff is crucial for a positive work environment with trust, cooperation, and mutual support. Open communication and supportive collaboration are emphasized for success.


We prioritize diversity in hiring, promoting a sense of belonging, respect and opportunity through a diverse and inclusive workplace. Our staff reflects the diverse communities we serve.


Our company values diversity, striving for an inclusive and respectful workplace. A diverse workforce drives innovation and allows for better customer service. An environment where all can thrive is a goal.


Fairness is a cornerstone value, with all employees treated respectfully, fairly, and with impartiality. A work environment free of discrimination and bias, promoting equal opportunities, is a goal. Fostering a culture of fairness creates a workplace where all employees feel valued.