LetMeRepair Bautzen Branch

Your global, but local partner since 2003

LetMeRepair is a private company, managed by its shareholders. We are a fully independent and neutral service provider as no manufacturer, retailer, distribution channel or operator has any stake in LetMeRepair. Moreover, we believe in self-financing growth only to ensure the financial stability of the company. We are your reliable partner today, tomorrow and for years to come!

We have always believed that we should provide our services as close to the customer as possible. With more than 20 in-house service centers in the EMEA region, independent field technicians and a network of partners in selected countries, we provide native services and solutions to our customers in more than 25 countries.

LetMeRepair is a purely service company that does not sell or distribute products. As an outsourcing partner, we see our mission in supporting our clients' business model with reliable, flexible, efficient and high-quality services.